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The Art of Living: How Art Influences Luxury Real Estate

In the world of luxury real estate, discerning buyers seek more than just a property; they crave an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. Enter the marriage of art and real estate, where each space becomes a unique canvas for creativity and elegance. As Michael Moses, co-founder of the Mei Moses Fine Art Index, aptly […]

Elegantly Restored Luxury Residential Shophouses in Singapore

Singapore, a city-state renowned for its rich heritage and modern architecture, houses a remarkable collection of Shophouse properties, built between the 1940s-1960s colonial era, that seamlessly blend history with contemporary design. With an estimated 6,500 shophouses in Singapore this rare property type is in high demand from both local and foreign investors. In the first […]

Watten House, A guide to the luxury condominium in Bukit Timah

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Embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury with Watten House, a captivating freehold development nestled within the prestigious Watten Estate. Offering an elegant sanctuary, this residence is where sophistication meets tranquility, a luxury property development that genuinely exemplifies “an address of legacy.”  Here, every facet of luxury living in the serene locale of Bukit Timah […]

SHE Real Estate colours palette

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Watten House perspective

Watten House

36 Shelford Road