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Watten House, A guide to the luxury condominium in Bukit Timah

Embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury with Watten House, a captivating freehold development nestled within the prestigious Watten Estate. Offering an elegant sanctuary, this residence is where sophistication meets tranquility, a luxury property development that genuinely exemplifies “an address of legacy.” 

Here, every facet of luxury living in the serene locale of Bukit Timah is not just met but surpassed, painting a living experience that’s both extraordinary and fulfilling.

The Charm of Freehold Near Tan Kah Kee MRT

In the area of high-value and land-scarce Singapore real estate, freehold properties are rare, invaluable assets, presenting discerning buyers with a golden opportunity for building a legacy. 

Watten House isn’t merely about acquiring a house; it’s a celebration of perpetual ownership, intertwining with the advantage of living in the Bukit Timah neighborhood and being adjacent to the convenience of the Tan Kah Kee MRT Station so that owners enjoy an enviable lifestyle, making it irresistibly enticing for families envisioning a heritage home resonating with the dynamic urban vibrancy of Singapore.

The Allure of Bukit Timah Neighborhood

Set against Bukit Timah’s lush, verdant landscapes, Watten House emerges as a tranquil, luxury condominium sanctuary. 

With just 180 units meticulously dispersed over five enchanting blocks, residents are assured of a low-density paradise. This retreat breathes elegance and precious privacy. Watten House is strategically located in Singapore’s Core Central Region in District 11.

Each home within the charming confines of this estate echoes refined living, providing a harmonious canvas where architectural elegance blends with nature’s serene tapestry, crafting a living narrative that’s uniquely enthralling and deeply comforting.

The condominium is developed by both UOL Group Limited and Singapore Land Group.

“We believe that the high-end and luxury residential market (in Singapore) has opportunities for us to grow, especially in terms of creating more refined products that resonate with homebuyers,” says Liam Wee Sin, UOL group chief executive. Residents will be right beside GCB and mixed land areas giving them access to upscale living in a private estate. 

Turn City nearby is slated for redevelopment and URA has announced there would be no further extensions for existing tenants past December 2023. With the potentially large number of new residential units that are most likely to be 99-year leases, Watten House may see buyer demand in the future from residents nearby. Sitting on a plot that’s 200 football fields in size would also mean more amenities, connectivity with the Turf City MRT line, and opportunities for family activities amongst the lush green ground of the former Turf Club.

Architectural Elegance and Natural Harmony

Watten House is consciously crafted, with each design element thoughtfully chosen to meld seamlessly with the adjacent park.  The residence radiates an aura of tranquility and grace. Here, residents are invited into an irresistible oasis where architecture and nature coalesce in a symphony of elegance.

Spacious Living for Families

Within the majestic walls of Watten House, the residences, ranging from 3 to 5-bedroom units, are a testament to the allure of space, meticulously designed to offer living quarters and homes that breathe and celebrate life’s moments, big and small. We all know too well, that space is a luxury on our island.

Additionally, the estate is graced with eight spectacular penthouses, providing residents with unmatched “bungalows in the sky” living experience, adorned with cutting-edge appliances and tastefully chosen designer fittings to accentuate a lifestyle that’s as grand as it is comfortable.

A Prime School Zone

Strategically located within 1 (KM) kilometer radius of the illustrious Nanyang Primary School and Raffles Girls’ Primary School, Watten House is an undeniable magnet for families where education is non-negotiable.  In this prime location, young minds are given the wings to explore and the roots to ground themselves as they embark on academic journeys that are not only enriching but also profoundly transformative. 

Schools close by include:

  • Raffles Girls’ Primary School -1KM
  • Nanyang Primary School       -1 km
  • Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary School
  • Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)
  • National Junior College
  • Hwa Chong Institution
  • St. Margaret’s Secondary School
  • Nanyang Girls’ High School
  • Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
  • Methodist Girls’ School
  • St. Joseph’s Institution

Easy Connectivity

Merely a leisurely seven-minute walk from the Tan Kah Kee MRT station, Watten House guarantees that you are always close to the heartbeat of Singapore. With seamless access to the Downtown Line, residents are privy to easy, breezy commutes to the center of town and the suburbs of the upper Bukit Timah areas. For residents who drive,  Dunearn Road, Bukit Timah Road, and Farrer Road at the main junctions of the neighborhood offer access to the PIE and connectivity to downtown and central areas of Singapore.

For shopping and dining,  malls such as Coronation Shopping Plaza, Beauty World Centre, Serene Centre, Guthrie House 6th Avenue, Bukit Timah Plaza and the Rail Mall, and the Orchard Road shopping belt are all within 5 -15mins from the development 

Unveiling Captivating Views

Residing in Watten House resembles having a front-row seat to a visual symphony of breathtaking views. 

From the untouched, lush expanse of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the Singapore Botanical Gardens, to the dance of the city skyline that paints the horizon and the sprawling, vibrant landscapes that surround, every gaze out of your window is set to be a mesmerizing experience.

Pack up the picnic maps and grab some baguettes and cheese from the cafes nearby or even a kaya toast and head to the gardens nearby. The Singapore Botanical Gardens has been inscribed as a UNESCO heritage site in 2015. The garden’s charm extends to the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, where kids can play and learn about plant life. Additionally, a variety of restaurants and cafes cater to visitors Beyond being a favorite spot for activities like jogging, dining, and relaxation, its vast grounds serve as a leading center for botanical and horticultural research. 

Why Choose Watten House: A Family’s Investment

Are you considering a move? 

Here’s why discerning Singaporean families are setting their sights on Watten House:

  • Top-Tier Schools Nearby: It’s an educational haven with prestigious institutions like Nanyang Primary and Raffles Girls’ Primary within a 1km radius.
  • Spacious Family Living: Offering 3 to 5-bedroom units, there’s ample room for every family member, ensuring comfort and privacy.
  • Lasting Legacy: Watten House isn’t just a home; it’s a freehold asset, a legacy to be passed down through generations.
  • Seamless Connectivity: A mere seven-minute walk to Tan Kah Kee MRT Station offers effortless commuting options across Singapore.
  • Exclusive Enclave: With limited units available, enjoy a life of exclusivity and tranquility in a secure environment.
  • Close to Nature: Proximity to the Botanic Garden allows your family to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle amidst stunning natural beauty.
  • Wise Investment: With its prestigious location and thoughtful design, investing in Watten House promises potential long-term returns.
  • Vibrant Community: Engage with a community of like-minded families, providing a supportive network for parents and children.
  • Legacy Living: Designed for multi-generational living, Watten House is where life’s moments are celebrated and memories created.

Watten House is more than real estate—it’s a lifestyle, a community, and a wise investment for a promising future. Secure your unit today, stepping into a life of elegance, convenience, and sophistication at Watten House.


Your quest for a home, a haven that perfectly mirrors and meets your aspirations of luxury, exclusivity, and educational excellence, ends delightfully at Watten House. 

Warren House opens the gates of this architectural marvel this October/November 2023, you are not just invited but beckoned to secure your place in this prestigious enclave. 

Step into a realm of living meticulously designed to be as extraordinary, grand, and unique as the life you envision living. Secure your legacy at Watten House today, and let every day be a masterpiece of luxury and comfort.

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